Hot, Hot, Hot

Dealing with the Summer Heat in Huntsville

When it comes to Texas, it should be no surprise to anyone that lives here, or doesn’t; it can get hot, really hot, really quickly. With the forthcoming months, that statement is about to get a lot worse. The climate we maintain throughout the year sees quite a few ups and downs, but a Texas summer incomparable. After all, we do have a lot of desert surrounding us.

Texpress Urgent Care is preparing for the number one patient affliction we’re bound to see this June, and that’s heat stroke. A heat stroke is characterized by your body rapidly overheating due to extended exposure to high-temperature elements. Simply put, you stayed somewhere hot for a bit longer than your body could handle. If this happens to you often, or you’re looking to prevent it from occurring, we’ve garnered some quick tips to keep you cool for the summer.

  • Keep the clothes light. Now, this one sounds like a no-brainer, but sometimes we let fashion get the upper hand. It’s important to wear lighter clothes and less layers to prevent condensing heat through our bodies. A hat could do you some good, as well.
  • Water. Not alcohol, water. Most people tend to get carried away in their outdoor activities and tend to go for a Corona or a wine cooler before they reach for their water bottle. Keep your body hydrated. It’s the number one way to prevent heat stroke, and also to keep your fluids in line. We wouldn’t condone not having fun, but we would tell you to stay safe in doing so.
  • No one likes wearing sunblock, but everyone reaps the benefits when they do. It feels weird, it’s filmy, and we think we’ll get a better tan without it. But, it won’t leave you with a lobster-red body of regret and a possible heat stroke if you take 5 minutes to apply it. If you want to keep on the right side of heat stroke prevention, sunblock will help. Aim for an SPF of 30 or higher when shopping around.
  • Exercising in the heat can be taxing. Texas has many hills and valleys for people to roam, whether it’s hiking, cycling, running, or walking. The weather should be on your radar the day you choose to do anything outside, especially if you’re travelling to remote or barren terrain. It gets hotter the more you move away from urban areas, so keep that in mind. If a temperature makes your jaw drop, you may want to reconsider the activity you chose.

Bear in mind, these are preventative measures, and should be looked at that way. Heat stroke affects every person differently, and internal heat measurements of one person can differ from another’s greatly. Your best bet is to maintain a cool body temperature at all times this summer, and check in with us at Texpress Urgent Care if you’re feeling uneasy about the heat.