Sweet, Savory Summer

Getting Creative with Healthy Eating

The grills are on, the propane is burning, and grandpa is making more burgers than your body has room for. It’s officially summer, and that means cookouts and parties are all turned up to 11 for the next two months. One thing you’ll tend to notice is how many things we eat over the summer that we’d usually be conscious of avoiding throughout the rest of the year. Just because it’s on the picnic table, doesn’t mean you have to pick it up. Let Texpress walk you through some fun ways to get creative with the dishes you bring to the table this summer.

  • Substitute the ground beef. For most of us, a ground beef burger is kind of the foundation of a cookout. We understand. But for those trying to break the mold, there are plenty of different options out there you can try. Ground Turkey and Salmon are healthier, leaner options to the traditional beef patty. Over the years, vegetarian options have also grown exponentially, and they range from black bean burgers, soy burgers, and the way to hemp seed burgers. Simply put, there’s more than one way to eat a burger in 2017.

  • Watch out for the mayo. This one sounds harder than it is, because with a cookout of any sort comes macaroni salads, coleslaw, and pre-made sandwiches. All usually rely on mayonnaise in one way or another for taste. There are plenty of healthy, organic mayonnaises out there that you could try out instead of your casual bottle of Heinz, but it’s probably best to steer clear of it altogether, as it is bound in poor fat and calories.
  • Keep the party hydrated. To no surprise, some sort of beer or alcoholic beverage makes its way to a cookout, and usually water gets avoided because it’s the boring option. Instead of throwing bottles of Aquafina in a cooler only to be ignored all day, try creating a fruit-infused water with strawberries or oranges for everyone to enjoy. This will not only liven up the choice of H20, but will also deliver healthy citric acids and sugars to your party guests. Find us a better win-win, we’ll wait.

  • Introduce an option that no one would have thought to bring. From personal experiences, we can tell you that one of the best things about cookouts is the variety of dishes that guests will bring. Things like watermelon salsa or buffalo quinoa dip would probably never exist if it weren’t for summer get-togethers. If we knew what your taste buds were like, we’d happily throw you some valid options, but honestly, a 5 minute search of summer recipes on Pinterest is how we get our ideas. Peach and feta cole slaw, anyone?

Among the many ways you can get creative with your food, we urge you to stay safe this summer in all of your cooking out and partying decisions. Coupled with the heat, summer can be really rough on the body, and it’s in your best interest to make the right decisions about what you eat and drink. For any advice on how to maximize your summer efforts, or for any medical attention you may need, let Texpress Urgent Care be there for you every step of the way.