Immunization: Raising Awareness

Every month tends to have some sort of importance in regards to how we prepare for the things to come. Whether it’s preparing for harsh weather, bills to come flying in, or a Daylight Savings Time shift, we always see certain parts of the year in a preparatory way. This August, many parents are looking to get their kids ready for the school year to come. This means physicals, registration and immunizations. But they’re not just for the kids; we need them, too.

The Center for Disease Control has declared August as National Immunization Awareness month due to the surge in popularity that vaccination receives. From flu shots to tetanus shots, it is a perfect time remind people of all ages that our bodies are capable of contracting some serious diseases, and we have the power to be on the forefront of that precaution.

Some things we’d like you to consider this month concerning immunization:

  • Vaccines are not bad for you. With the dawn of the internet came the powerful capability to spread hurtful messages about topics with no backing proof. One such topic is immunization, primarily flu shots and vaccines meant to ward off seasonal illnesses. Theories arose saying that flu shots contained harmful chemicals and pathogens that would kill you rather than actually improve your immune system. To date, there is no proof of this being the case, and flu shots continue to work wonders every flu season by decreasing the number of afflicted every year.

  • As an adult, you should check with a doctor on what vaccines could be useful to you. Like we said before, most people tend to get a misconstrued idea that vaccinations are only for our kids getting ready for school. Adults need vaccinations just as much as children, for a variety of reasons. The seasonal illnesses like flu are very contagious, and age isn’t an underlying factor in the contraction of many illnesses. In fact, a perfectly healthy adult could still pass diseases on to others.
  • Adults over 60 are at high risk of illness. With age comes the susceptibility to more and more illnesses/diseases. From shingles to pneumococcal conditions, it becomes clear that the human body isn’t firing on all cylinders to defend itself from these threats. We strongly urge seniors to check with their doctor to see what sort of vaccines could be useful to you.

We can learn from our bodies every day, and the important part is listening to advice from medical professionals on how to maintain your body’s healthy state. At Texpress Urgent Care, we believe it in your best interest to check with our doctors this month to talk about immunizations, and raise your own awareness on the issue.