Texas is Back to School

It’s official; the kids are on the buses or riding their bikes back to school, and the parents are back to their fall work-week routines! While this comes as a huge sigh of relief for parents everywhere, and the kids play a big part in the excitement of it all, it also means we have to shift focus towards our bodies, and our kid’s. Things like adequate sleep and a balanced diet become paramount in getting through the week in a positive and healthy fashion.  

Adequate sleep comes in all shapes and sizes. The amount of sleep that your children need is quite different from the amount you require. It’s also important to remind yourself that you can’t beat your sleeping pattern; the human body cannot function well on a couple nights of 4-5 hours of sleep in a row. For children, it’s important for their bodies to develop, and this means a lot of sleep (9-11 hours a night). For adults, it may not always seem possible, but you should always strive to get a solid 7-9 hours of sleep each night.

With plenty of sleep comes the body’s desire to fill back up with nutrients and sustenance for the day ahead. A balanced breakfast comes in the style of a dairy or a protein, which could be egg whites, a low-fat yogurt, or a lean meat like sliced chicken or turkey breast. Parents don’t always get the chance to provide a complete breakfast experience for their family. For this reason, we recommend having some on-the-go options available for the quick run out the door. Yogurts, protein granola mixes, and fruits like apples and bananas can provide a good base for the first part of your day.

Breakfast isn’t the only focal point; we also have another meal to think about. It’s easy as an adult to think lunch isn’t necessary when your day is too busy, but your body won’t be pleased. For both our kids and ourselves, we should focus on meal prepping for the week ahead of time to avoid the quick run to the deli or the expensive lunch out with the co-workers. This not only saves us money, but it allows us to be prepared for our meals at all times, and know that we don’t have to spend more time wondering what to get/make. Better yet, you are bound to find a healthier lunch option for your kids on your own than simply relying on school lunches to provide the nutrients.

Getting a good night’s sleep and balancing your diet weekly is easier said than done, that’s for sure. It take practice and finding out what works for you and your kids. We all hated spinach at one point, right? You can always find more nutritional and functional advice by visiting Texpress Urgent Care. Our staff is equipped with the skills at hand to help you find the missing ingredients to your sleeping patterns and dietary needs.