The Flu and You: Staying Ahead of Influenza This Season

It’s November! While this is a big indicator that the holiday season is officially here, it also nods in the direction of the one thing no one likes to hear about; the flu. The flu is a contagious respiratory illness caused by influenza viruses that infect the nose, throat, and lungs. This year, we’re looking at a new strand of the flu that, like every year, comes with a new set of trials and tribulations. At Texpress, we’re dedicated to helping you understand the importance of flu shots, and why you shouldn’t waste time in getting yours today.

As we said, the flu changes every year. A flu shot is necessary each year for anyone over 4 years old looking to steer clear of influenza. For children under 4 years old, a pediatrician should be consulted in regards to flu prevention. The flu shot does not utilize a live agent in fighting and preventing flu bacteria, contrary to popular belief. This means that it cannot make you ill, nor will it actively fight other parts of your body in an effort to prevent the flu bacteria.

If you got one last year, shouldn’t you be good for this year? Since the flu changes every year, the flu shot does as well, so your shot from last year is no longer effective in preventing the flu. This year’s strain of the flu is defined as H3N2, differing from the most common flu strain H1N1. To get momentarily scientific, this means the flu shot has had to make a necessary change from being trivalent strains, to quadrivalent. Again, no eggs or live agents are used in the flu shot, so you cannot get sick from these shots.

Some things we’d like you to consider this month concerning the flu:

  • You can contract the flu without showing symptoms. The flu is contagious, meaning we can be carriers of the contagion without showing symptoms or being afflicted. The flu shot is a great way to avoid being a free agent of influenza.


  • A flu shot takes little time, and little money. Small price to pay for health safety. At Texpress, we are offering walk-ins for flu shots at $25, and is an in-and-out process. Most walk-in clinics offer this quick solution to help keep our communities safe.


  • If you’re unsure about what a flu shot contains, as your doctor. The flu shot gets a bad rapport every year, with people theorizing about its purpose and contents. Instead of taking the words of those outside of a medical profession, visit us at Texpress to talk over what a flu shot contains, how it works, and why you need one each year. We’re happy to help.

The holidays don’t deserve the flu, and neither do you. Stop by Texpress Urgent Care today and get your flu shot, and speak with a doctor about any other medical questions you may have. We are open late 7 days a week.