Saddle Up For Travel: Staying Safe and Healthy This Holiday

It’s officially the holidays, and we’re all running around trying to get things ready for Christmas and the New Year! This can be a very trying time for most, and presents more problems than solutions. Family needs to be visited, presents need to be bought, kids need to be fed, and so much more. At Texpress, we’re making it our effort this season to keep you in great shape while you travel, and remind you that this too shall pass. After all, it’s a magical time of the year where anything can happen, and it’s better to be on the optimistic side of those possibilities!

Last month, we took some time to talk about the flu, and all of the problems it presents for us in the coming months. This is still a factor in the holidays, and doesn’t disappear without rearing its ugly head for some time. If you’re having the family around, or if your kids are outside in the cold with their friends, make sure to have them vaccinated as soon as possible. Flu viruses are more stable in cold air, and low humidity also helps the virus particles remain in the air.

When traveling this month to see the family for Christmas keep some things in mind:

  • You don’t need the stress, so don’t take it with you. Traveling sounds nice to everyone, especially when all you see on social media is people posting their flight photos and ugly Christmas sweater gatherings, but this isn’t the reality. Airports and highways become power plants for stress around the holidays, and can greatly impact your health emotionally. Try to plan ahead as much as you can, and plan on time working against you instead of for you.

  • Just because your New Year’s resolution is to lose weight, doesn’t mean you need to gain 5 more pounds first. Nothing we write here will convince you to eat healthy this holiday, and we won’t be hypocrites in telling you that we’ll all be eating as healthy as possible, either! This is more of an attempt to keep this knowledge in the back of your head when dessert time rolls around, or when it feels like the need for a third helping of ham is coming on.
  • Travel can mean eating fast food to a lot of people. The simplicity of a Burger King or a Wendy’s on a road trip, right? It takes everything in us to not stop in and eat meals for $5 when we’re crossing the country, or even just sitting in an airport terminal. It’s important to also plan ahead for these things, and not subject your diet to fast foods when traveling. Bring a cooler with sandwich materials, fruits, nuts, and other natural foods to keep you fed and healthy along the way.
  • Get the family involved. This sounds like a lot of preparation, and it is. Get your family or travel-mates involved in your trip diet to make for a more eclectic, fresh sense of meal plan. Not everything has to come from your brain, just the idea!

The point is to get through the holidays without succumbing to the pressures that come with it. We all want our magical holiday without all the heartache, right? Stop by Texpress Urgent Care today and get your flu shot, and speak with a doctor about any other medical questions you may have. Our hours are Monday – Friday: 9a-9p, and Saturday – Sunday: 11a-7p.