Ringing in the (Cold) New Year: Staying True to New Goals, While Staying Warm

Can you believe 2017 is already gone? What a crazy debut year for us at Texpress. We’re so glad to have your support, and hope you’ll stick with us as your #1 choice for medical needs this year. But enough about us, can we talk about this weather??

The new year always brings one of the harshest things we deal with; the winter. This means people getting sick, travel being delayed, snow causing issues, and just a lot of frustration. Sure, we can do our best to enjoy the change in scenery, but it’s not without its heartaches. Our last month’s blog had a lot to do with these wintery troubles, so hopefully we were able to diagnose some of the common problems people face!

This month, we’re looking to keep you healthy and humble in your resolution-seeking futures! Let’s look at a few ways you can accomplish this.

  • Condense your stress, while expanding your opportunity. Try to map out what a day-to-day looks like for you. Resolutions tend to involve adding a new part of your schedule that you didn’t ordinarily make time for, so be sure to allow yourself the chance to breathe with it.

  • If you’re feeling the sickness, don’t wait. Our bodies sometime showcase tell-tale signs of an oncoming cold or fever. Scratchy throats, runny noses, or unusual discomfort throughout the day should be a clear indicator that you should get some medicine and fluids flowing immediately. Your body knows best, so listen to it.
  • Resolutions can easily equal stress. A new year presents a lot of chances for people to throw more stress on their backs, even after telling themselves they would ditch a ton of it by the end of the previous year. Don’t let the burden of “new beginnings” or “new year, new me” make things get worse for you. Keep your goals reasonable, and your stress levels won’t fight you.
  • Don’t let the weather be a mood-setter. When you operate an urgent care, you tend to notice the moods people are in when it’s cold outside AND they’re sick. This can tend to induce some serious mood swings and depressed states for people. Studies across the board show a change in weather being synonymous with a change in attitude, so do your best to keep your head above water when it’s not the sunny day you hoped.

“New year, new me.” We all hear our friends and family say it, superficial or not. But there’s more to it than a fancy picture and a gym visit in January. Your body can benefit from adapting to a stress-free environment, and the changes you want to make this year have to allow this to be paramount. Otherwise, you’re changing one thing while ignoring 10 others.

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Wednesday, January 17th ~ First Day of Class for 2018